There is no quick way of describing what is happening in the US except that it is not what it is portrayed in the media by any stretch of the imagination, a link below will explain as succinctly as possible at this stage how the narrative is built and also by whom……, Firstly the incumbent front, i.e Trump, is non partisan in that this purge takes in his party most thoroughly. The purge is removing an element that has controlled the planet for millennia and operates on every side in every country and in every culture and faith, and always have. What is being done is painstaking in terms of detail but is being undone in a manner that matches the intricacy of how it was set up over all these hundreds of years. It leaves nothing untouched and is relevant to all of us in all ways and the beliefs and values we think we hold as our own, because we are all products of this system no matter what our ties or allegiances. They are all manufactured by the same group, even those presenting as directly opposing are carefully crafted to present as such to keep us in a constant state of conflict and under the misapprehension there is opposition and debate. The very basic modus operandum of divide and conquer having been so successful for all this time. 

Sounds fictional. Alas the simplicity makes it so all encompassing and far reaching and the more complicated and sophisticated we have become in weaving elaborate scenarios around it to justify the positions the more lost the minds have become in this labrynth of distraction. 

Tomes and books could, and have been written on this subject and attempts to unravel it. In fact so many have been placed in the mix specifically to continue the confusion and disarray. For now I post a link below that explains the way the narrative controlling public opinion is controlled by network media globally. In that description some of the personalities involved are discussed however to many of us these individuals have been known for many years. It is the first link below under the title of foreign influence of US elections. It is just one of many explanations but current in terms of the context in which it is being discussed and what is happening right now. I am very familiar with the sciences and communication modalities used having studied them at length in my professional life.
There is also a link to a twitter thread by Paul Serran that I recommend reading because it makes the connection to the beliefs and practices of the ‘ruling group’ for want of a better description. Symbolism will is their downfall finally and we are surrounded by it everywhere we look in terms of architecture, art, entertainment, and religion. The common thread of their occult practices permeates every part of our culture and day to day lives even to what is printed on the money we use. We are so spellbound by the programmes that have been installed from our first waking moments and onwards that it is any wonder we are incapable of an individual thought or concept other than those that have been seeded from day one.
So the system that has prevailed till now is very visibly unravelling and it will shake each and everyone of us to the core. Everything we thought of as real and true will be shown to be something other than that which we thought or been led to believe. Most of the individuals we have held up as ones of high regard and/or achievement will be shown to be quite different in true light. That is why the link to the thread I have chosen to send as a summary uses one such figure, out of the thousands possible simply because it is one we can all relate to and have been touched or moved by personally. It is the one with the adult readership warning.

The experience of seeing a more accurate perspective needs to be had by each of us in order to prepare for what is ahead. Such preparation will allow those of us that have had the benefit of such preparation to hold the a space to assist in our very local environment the many who will be quite unprepared when confronted by what will be coming out very shortly. As it is an unprecedented situation there are no scenarios to go by in terms of sequence except that this is happening and most of our folklore and much more has told of it for generations. That it should be us and now is no coincidence.

The undoing will be across all levels of the illusion and smoke and mirrors we are operating within and, of great importance to many of us, it will include the monetary system which is also nothing that we thought it to be. Not that many have even a vague clue about how money or wealth is created, the printing of currency, what determines its real value and who controls any of that process. Again none of it is controlled by government in the manner we think and is set up to appear. All Central Banks, bar one to my knowledge, are privately owned and in the control of the same aforementioned few.

I hope this very quick and hopelessly incomplete explanation helps to give you some understanding of what is unravelling in the US at present because it is actually unravelling in every country. The US is on stage in full view because that is how best to show the world what is happening as they are so polarised it is easy to see. Trump is a front to a much larger contingent chosen for his ability to weather the personal assault. He may be in that role for his own amnesty, no one is squeaky clean. The contingent now controls the military as well bar a few rogue units whose every move is now monitored using the very tools they had developed to monitor others.  The closing of the Southern Border also ends one of their last flow of funds and is pretty much a death knell. A dying beast is always at its most dangerous in its death throes and so false flag scenarios, their now dog eared strategy to retain control and divert public focus away from their demise is at an all time high. However, as I mentioned with the sophisticated surveillance now in the right hands these are being nipped in the bud mostly before they get any traction what so ever.

This is not fantasy as there are upward of 70k indictments, fully verifiable on gov websites and such like that have been studiously put together by a team of over 450 defence attorneys in Utah under Huber. These take in individuals and much loved personalities in every county including our own. It is for this reason I encourage you to listen to the link title election manipulation as it mentions those we know that are involved. I have already initiated a dialogue asking what plans and preparations have been put in place to ensure that a distancing of said individual from institutions to which they may be closely associated can happen so as not to jeopardise the institutions or those associated with them. You will understand when you listen to the piece. Apologies in advance as the Americans do waffle so but they get the information across and who am I to judge given the length of this lol

The vast majority’s initial reaction, a well preprogrammed one the ‘powers that were’ have relied upon for decades, is that this is all conspiracy theory and hear say. Heresy ;). Very strongly entrenched and the globalist agenda parading as liberal values which they have hijacked, has our very own children defending their cause ironically. My own son is a perfect product of this now which is what I intended. He is also having his own awakening after rejecting everything to  It will provide him with empathy later. He will have direct experience of how these belief systems are put in place and how difficult it is think a part from them especially in the face of peer pressure at his age. It will prepare him for the wider systems of professional and family pressure etc adults face when standing a part from the narrative flow. Even in possession of hard data. Most law enforcement and similar do not work for the people but rather their employers as will be seen more clearly soon.

All fascinating and we are here to navigate it all with as much aplomb as possible. I leave you with the links below. I would highly recommend if you have the time to keep abreast with the posts on here,, to know what is happening in time. It requires a bit of knowledge about who or what is providing the information however that can be found here briefly here amongst other places though this one is clear and verified

Foreign Interference in US Elections

“Alice in the Bloody Wonderland”

Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick

Taken from an historical perspective starting around world war 1 leading to present day. We hope after watching this video you will know more about what happened in the past and how the world is run today.