Finding a Way


An ability to understand the presets of our thought constructs allows us to consciously alter them and so remove the limitations they have presented. This can occur comfortably and gently for both an individual and a group. It is very much like rewriting computer code to remove any ‘perceived’ errors in a software programme. I use the word ‘perceived’ errors because they are often simply ‘corrections’ due to a change in needs or awareness of a new desire or outcome.

Becoming conscious programmers is essential as we leave most of how we construct our operating system down to a hope and a prayer. You would not contemplate doing that when you set up a new computer yet we do so with the most important programmes running our lives on a daily basis! 

The work we do with organisations to become conscious of how they create and run their cultural ‘operating system’ has tremendous impact on raising the sense of well being and productivity (effective output which has more to do with quality then volume)  of everyone involved.

We are connected in ways only now becoming patently evident in the world around us. The means to explain this connection is also more readily available in so many disciplines where the mechanistic, which has its value in many contexts, is now balanced with the knowledge that no system operates in isolation. 

Beautiful Distractions