Sharing the Journey


Liquid Love I AM, formless and free. Unified and merged with ALL of Creation in its Purity, Innocence and Divinity. I have chosen to experience realms extraordinarily beautiful of many many different vibrations and dimensions.

This dream focus where I appear to be at present starts as a lesson in how to cram our Infinite Being into a tiny contorted package, a grid of references and concepts of self housed in a tiny corporeal body.

It is then a journey to find our way back to remembering What we truly are.

Every stereo type, arche type or notion of self taught from the moment we entered this physical dream realm is a preset, a limit. Each like a bar making an imaginary prison in which we believe resides the Self we operate as. It is an attempt to hold the Infinite wonder of that which we are in the tiniest way possible. This world is a course in teaching us what we are NOT for the experience of feeling separated. Of course it can never convince us of this totally though we are brilliant and extraordinary learners because we have made it ‘seem’ so real.

Making a Choice