Exquisite Beach Coasters that glow in the dark with Beautiful Tiny Shells

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These beautiful coasters are a real conversation piece. Each one unique and tells a story of its own. They take four days to make as they comprise of three separate layers. Made face down the first layer is clear where I place the tiny shells and star fish. I keep this layer separate so they can be seen and appreciated. The next layer is the one with the splashes of colour giving the depth of the ocean effect. The reverse of these coasters are as attractive as the front displaying the melange of alcohol inks used. So rather than covering this with cork I put final layer of clear resin containing phosphorescent powder so that they have a subtle glow in the dark at night as well. Finally I hand sand each and everyone with a Dremel so the time for each is considerable. They then require seven days to cure. I usually have these colour ways in stock because I make them for our local markets. Please allow a maximum of ten days for despatch if I do not have stock to make them for you, however will let you know if that is the case.

2 for 25 dollars

4 or more for 10 dollars each

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