Extraordinary Times Reveal

skills we never knew we had!

Recent events affecting all of us have been a catalyst to shake us into asking what on earth we have been accreting as normal and why? A realisation that all may not be as they present as and it is high time we stepped up and asked the hard questions and not budge till we get the real answers. Turning a blind we are now seeing is obviously not a strategy that works and rather leaves too many vulnerable to being exploited for the benefit of so few. Institutions we thought were working for the betterment of humanity are revealing to be quite the opposite able to have continued this far because of the insidious programmes they maintain that effectively gag people and have them police each other to do the same. This is coming to an overdue end and we are the ones that can step up and Be what we are expecting instead of waiting for others to do so. It is immensely exciting as we appreciate how pivotal each one of us is in creating the world we were told was a pipe dream because it did not serve the few that benefit from being the nightmare it has been. We have so much to look forward to a we imagineer our way ahead. 

Some of Lindi’s Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate Degree with a double major in Psychology, Australian National University
  • Postgraduate Masters of Business Administration Degree (MBA), Edinburgh University
  • Diploma of Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing UK
  • Numerous Advanced models of Communication such as:
  • NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Cognitive Psychotherapy

Some of the Organisations with whom I have worked

Actionaid UK

Marie Stopes International

Freud Communications

KPMG global Audit,

Tax and Advisory services

Philip Morris International

Price Waterhouse Coopers

American Institute of Foreign Studies

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)