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Coach Trainer Consultant

“Experience is the best teacher”  In addition to working throughout the UK, Australia and Europe Lindi has carried out Leadership Training and Management Reviews with nationals in countries as diverse as Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador and Peru.

Why use The Power of One


Who is Lindi Devereux anyway?

Watch this short video to get the full story.

Extraordinary Times

Reveal skills we never knew we had!

This is true for us personally as well as for the groups, businesses, organisations and communities to which we belong. Nothing occurs in isolation but is rather woven into every aspect of our lives. It is when we start to view the scenario as such, rather than as separate pieces disconnected from each other, a harmony begins to emerge. Suddenly much less effort is required because time invested in one area adds systemically to all the others both metaphorically and literally. As our environment seems to alter around us, more sense can be made of our pivotal role in shaping this change. Being the architects of what we envisage as our preferred future. Bringing back to awareness how we are effecting the whole makes us conscious collaborators of a process that we are already incredibly adept at only just beneath our conscious awareness. Just as remembering a time prior to smart phones is now difficult to do, when this attribute flicks back on the idea that there was a time when it was not as natural as breathing will seem surreal. As long as we leave it running out of our conscious awareness, and in default mode, we feel at the mercy of external influences, being buffeted along as passengers. Even taken advantage of by others who understand how this works. The tools I work with help people get back in the driving seat of their own lives again. Very powerful and yet ridiculously simple at the same time.

Some of Lindi’s Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate Degree with a double major in Psychology, Australian National University
  • Postgraduate Masters of Business Administration Degree (MBA), Edinburgh University
  • Diploma of Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing UK
  • Numerous Advanced models of Communication such as:
  • NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Cognitive Psychotherapy

Services I Provide


Personal Coaching is now well recognised as having a wide range of benefits that impact individuals personally as well as their performance in the work place. It is a gift that businesses small and large can give their staff that has a huge ROI at the same time. Coaching can boost confidence, improve work performance, and build effective communication skills all of which benefit the individual in all areas of their lives. A silver lining to the extraordinary circumstances we have experienced over the past twelve months is that using our online capability instead of travelling or meeting in person has become second nature. That means any downtime from the work place is reduces and individuals can even opt to have their sessions in their home environment if they choose.

Training & Development2021-04-21T00:23:36+00:00

The culture of a business is part of its identity and heritage. One size does not fit all and this is true regardless of the size of the business. Having training and the skills it develops tailored to be relevant to your specific business or need is something that is our key offering. Training individuals within an International Organisation in incredibly diverse countries and cultures means my ability to identify and tailor the parameters to make sense to each is a skill that can not be learnt. It is the result of having travelled, lived and worked in these diverse communities over many years. This same ability is translated into a clarity of how to deliver information so it is received and practically useful to individuals within any business or departments within an organisation. Having developed and run Train the Trainer for the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development for many years in the UK I can also ensure the skill to do this developed in-house if required.

Motivational Speaker2021-04-21T00:30:37+00:00

Has the world spun out of control or does it just seem that way? Let me help your staff make sense of what can sometimes seem like chaos in our external environments. An uplifting entertaining appraisal of what is happening as well giving the audience an incredibly practical tool to understand how they are choosing to view this madness makes for a delightful and useful addition to any work event for your staff. I have routinely held these one hour events to gatherings large and small. Contact me now to book a one hour talk that will leave your staff feeling much more optimistic about the way things are progressing in their worlds and more able to keep it that way!

Meeting Facilitation2021-04-21T00:40:27+00:00

The cost of key personal being away from their day to day operations can be huge for an organisation large or small. To call them away to a meeting to make key management decisions is necessary. I work with top management teams as a facilitator to ensure that objectives are met within the timeframe available. This means ensuring everyone is heard and gets the same airtime and that decisions are made by the end. The art of being a facilitator is one developed over years of working with diverse groups at many different levels of seniority. Knowledge of content being discussed is not required as this is a role of process management. Non Disclosure Agreements are often part of the requirement I am happy to meet as necessary.

Vision & Mission Workshops2021-04-21T00:51:49+00:00

Knowing the direction you want to go before leaving somewhere is what we do in most situations yet it is surprising how many small businesses do not address this in the detail it warrants. If you do not have a destination how do you know whether you have arrived yet or not. When is it time to celebrate and when is it time to accelerate? Working with teams from CEO level in larger organisations to just the business owner and key other staff member, developing Vision and Mission has enormous benefits to any business. This can be done as a day event for a smaller concern or can be part of a weekend retreat away from the work place for larger organisations. Enquire now to explore the options.

Practical Application

  • Articulate where you are now

  • Clearly Envision Where you Want to Be

  • Identify Then Take Practical Steps to Get There 

Some of the Organisations 

With Whom I have Worked

Actionaid UK

Marie Stopes International

Freud Communications

KPMG global Audit,

Tax and Advisory services

Philip Morris International

Price Waterhouse Coopers

American Institute of Foreign Studies

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)


In 2013 we were one of the first off the block with the upload of an interactive iBook using iAuthor when Apple first released it. The objective was not to corner the market in Presentation Skills training with the release of Awesome Talkers but rather for it to be a model for small to Medium businesses on how they could utilize elearning in a much more affordable way then bespoke Software development.

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