Lindi Devereux

Coach Trainer Consultant Artist

“Experience is the best teacher”  In addition to working throughout the UK, Australia and Europe Lindi has carried out Leadership Training and Management Reviews with nationals in countries as diverse as Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador and Peru.

Discovery Coaching

I help people and businesses realise their unique power. Being the architects of what we envisage as our preferred future and bringing back to awareness how we are effecting the whole makes us conscious collaborators of a process that we are already incredibly adept at. So much so that it now happens just beneath our conscious awareness and at lightning speed. We are part of a single whole, a Oneness yet simultaneously we bring our unique perspective to that Oneness. Just as each facet of a diamond contributes uniquely to the exquisite beauty of the Gem. Nothing occurs in isolation but is rather interwoven into every aspect of our lives. It is when we start to view the scenario as such, rather than as disconnected pieces, we see the puzzle assembling seamlessly that we experience harmony once again. Suddenly much less effort is required because we understand how time invested in one area directly adds systemically to all the others both metaphorically and literally. We become infinitely more potent and is literally our personal experience of


My experience and the tools I work with help people get back in the driving seat of their own lives. Very powerful yet ridiculously simple at the same time. For the most part we are already using the skills we need in another facets of our lives and not even realising we are because we have then labelled as something different there!
My processes encompass varied and extensive coaching practices across a broad spectrum of disciplines: neurosciences, metaphysical, psychological, philosophical to name but a few; through to the creation of art pieces that deliver a new energy for the emerging world.

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