Enduring Art

Timeless pieces that can withstand the rigours of a tropical climate. 

As well as an expression of the joy I derive from living in the exquisite Rainforest of the Lower Daintree making these pieces fulfils  a desire to create objets d’art that can survive the rigours of our extreme climate. Traditional mediums degenerate in our heat and humidity. Canvas, paper, clays et al. present as both food and habitat to our local fauna! Each piece I make can be washed and scrubbed so hardy are they.  Knocked or even dropped with little impact they will not only survive but thrive whether wall art, tumbler or a host of other home decor objets d’art like coasters, trays and beautifully practical ‘stuff’! I hope you enjoy having them as much as I enjoy making them. 

Contact LINDI

To commission a bespoke piece to match your needs and/or decor, whether a tumbler set or wall art, or to find out what is currently available. The list changes regularly.